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Upfront Salaries
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Choose which project you want to work on and discover exactly what your salary will be. Try out our Salary Calculator

Competitive Benefits
Choose your benefits

You'll enjoy access to amazing benefits, like health and dental insurance, 401K contribution matching, disability, unlimited paid time off, and more. Learn more about benefits

Choice Of Work
Choose your work

You're in control of which projects you want to work. Submit any available Corp-to-Corp (C2C) opportunity that you wish to apply to for review. Learn more about job choice

How we're different...

Traditional Employees

  • Don't make as much money.
  • Have a limited choice of work.
  • Salaries typically don't keep up with inflation.

Axiom Horizons

  • Flexible schedule and choice of work.
  • Competitive benefits such as health insurance, retirement accounts, and paid time off.
  • Save money on accounting, invoicing, business insurance, and more.
  • Pay adjusts for inflation with each project.
  • Free company background checks for new clients.

Independent Contractors

  • Wear too many hats, can't just focus on the work.
  • Have fewer benefits and pay more for them without group rates.
  • Pay more accounting fees.
  • No sick or holiday pay.
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