How Axiom Horizons works

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Step One

Find a Corp-to-Corp opportunity

Find C2C jobs from any job website, such as It can be any job that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be a full-time Corp-to-Corp (C2C) contract position.
  • The role must be within Information Technology. For example a developer, project manager, tester, business analyst, engineer, or network administrator.
  • The rate must be at least $50 per hour.
  • The duration must be 3 months or more.
  • Must be based in the United States. (Sorry, no visas at this time)

Find your perfect job
Step Two
Tell us where you want to work

Submit the job to Axiom Horizons

Send us the jobs you wish to apply to and we'll show you what your salary would be for each job. We'll also perform a company background check on any unknown company for you. Interview with as many companies as you wish and choose the project that appeals to you the most.

Step Three

Finish On-Boarding

After you are offered a position, choose which packages you would like for medical, dental, retirement savings, and more.

Because you were a part of the process in finding the job, our overhead is lower. So, we can offer you a higher salary - and since you'll be a full-time employee with us, you won't lose benefits that you're accustomed to having!

Choose your benefits
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